Mondays would definitely be easier with this kind of work space. This innovative desk, by Tokyo firm, Torafu Architects, is more like an entire room in a box. Read, sleep, and look out the window while you work. 

Add some wood to your workspace and surround yourself with a bit of nature.

It’s also good to bring some fun into the office, check out these 23 things that do just that. 


Hear this: Collaborative Coworking can lift an entire group of local creative people to new levels of their work-from-home careers. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Why wouldn’t small business people like me just stick to my home office? Simple: 1. It’s lonely, and 2. Two brains (or three or four…

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This office in Spain really knows what it means to work hard but play harder. Why not have a party switch that you can switch on and off? A little disco and strobe lights beats any coffee break. Party on. Productivity on.

Office design that matches the company’s philosophy of craftsmanship and creativity. Check out Etsy’s offices in Dumbo to see a truly inspiring place to work.