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Interview with Ben Brough

Ben Brough is an American painter and collage artist who was born in California and raised in Hawaii. Brough’s spectacular paintings capture the significance of his Pacific upbringing and his affinity for surfer/ skate culture.

The last time we spoke, you were really enthusiastic about your “Ctrl + Alt + Del” concept featured in “The Last of the Outside Enjoyers”. What lead you to explore this idea? What is its significance in relation to Good for Nothing?

When I was a kid growing up we played outside till dinner time. When we “liked” something we were either doing it or about to or trying to. These days kids play outside still but times are different, there is that digital element that stands in the way. You have that option to go outside and like something or stay inside and look at it on a screen. We all know what that button does and the concept behind this particular pieces kids playing outside flying a kite or whatever and the button has been pushed. The act of outside doing is disappearing. 

Surfing has clearly played a huge role in your artwork from the beginning. Is there a surfer whose surfing style you feel is directly related to your artistic style?

Not really someone’s style, but I know I did like all the comics and art in the mags growing up. “Maynard and the Rat” and Bob Penuelas’ "Wilbur Kookmeyer" were a huge influence on me. I was and still am wrapped in surfing and skateboarding cultures. I loved getting surfer and thrasher mags looking at all the artwork on boards and in the articles… I still do. 

I’ve always noticed “33” signed in the bottom right of each of your pieces. What is the history behind the number?

It's my initials “BB”. When I sign my name the B's looked like 3's to me so I thought “33” looked cooler. I've been using it for over 20 years and it has become a very significant number to me, I see it everywhere. I think the number itself holds mystical powers. 

What kind of movies did you grow up on as a kid? Any relationship between the films and the way your style has developed?

I grew up on a lot of movies… Classics from the 80’s and 90’s, comedy, drama, horror. I watched and still watch almost anything, I love cinema. It’s the same as music to me. I’ll watch the same movie over and over like a song. As far as my style, I’m not sure. I’ve always drawn the way I do but I definitely use content from films.

We can’t wait to have Ben Brough’s work on display in “Good for Nothing” at The LAB Miami starting December 7. Make sure to come by and check it out! 

Creative Cycle at The LAB Miami on October 4th!

Big things are gonna happen at The LAB this Thursday. We are bringing together three creative and innovative projects together in one room, all united by crowd-funding.

Machina makes wearable technology and they will be presenting the backpack shown above, which is made for cyclists with embedded lights, turning signals and pockets for your laptop and phone. They are truly changing how we see fashion, from simply something you wear to something that has a function. Support their project here. 

Fabian de la Flor is a Peruvian-born artist living in Miami that just had a successful show here at The LAB. Now he is making an illustration book and has turned to Ideame to crowd fund his project. Check out his work here.

Tranqui Yanqui is an Argentinean artist that has already successfully crow-funded his project through Ideame and he will be coming to The LAB to showcase his work and do some live painting! He truly has created a world all his own, take a look here.

So if you want to see Machina, Fabian and Tranqui in action under the same roof, eat some good food, share some drinks and help support innovative projects, you don’t want to miss this event. Find out more details and register here. Did we mention that it’s FREE? 

Check out the beautiful work of Fabian De La Flor. He will have a solo show at The LAB Miami opening next Art Walk. Find out more details here.

Join us this weekend for our first art show! The amazing and talented Amy Vázquez will be exhibiting her work. The opening will be June 9th and will be on view until June 20th. For more information on this show visit our Current Exhibit section 

Details on the event and RSVP here

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An exhibit worth going to - Rita Ackermann at MOCA Miami - on view through May 6 

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